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evrikon April 19, 2010 04:48

Buffles with snappyHexMesh
Hello forum,

I need to mesh an external aerodynamic application. I tryed to do this using snappyHexMesh but I recognized that my model contains the thin panels which are thinner than the smallest edge length in my mesh. From this reason it is difficult to mesh this model with SHM: I got instead of the panels some unclosed faces with holes.

Has anybody any idea how to overcome the problem? I try now to increase the resolution on the thin panels but I run into the problem that the number of cells will be huge. Is it some method how to say to SHM to let buffles in the mesh?

Regards, Oleksiy

StSchiff June 29, 2012 06:29

Hi Oleksiy,
I'm also trying to mesh an external aerodynamic application with baffle regions. Did you ever find a way to do that with snappyhexmesh?

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