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hm86 July 19, 2010 21:52

Createpatch and SnappyHexMesh
So I created a blockMeshDict file for a quarter cylinder and create two patches there. Then I decreased the matchTolerance in createPatchDict and turned off pointSync and combined two patches to create a cyclic patch. But when I use snappyHexMesh I get the same error I used to get using createPatch (before I turned off pointSync and decreased the matchtolerance). The error is

face 0 area does not match neighbour 200 by 44.3085%.....

Im assuming a matchTolerance in snappyHexMesh would fix this but I dont see that keyword and when i try to run snappyHexMesh with the keyword it gives me the same error. Anyone encounter this before or better yet solved it?

Update - the problem above was solved by redefing the vertices so that the face areas are the same. But now when I run snappyHexMesh it gives me the following error -

Faces do not seem to be correct across coupled boundaries

Anyone know why this is?


J.Randall February 3, 2011 10:50

Same Error
Hi hm86,

I'm encountering exactly the same problem as you had. And was wondering whether you found a fix for yours?


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