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Axel_T July 30, 2010 07:11

snappyHexMesh with cyclic patches?
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I've been using OpenFoam for a while and have already created plenty of meshes using sHM.
But now I want to create a axisymmetric inner mesh with cyclic patches.

After some search in this forum, I get the feeling that sHM can't handle cyclic patches at all. Is this true? Has anyone created meshes containig cyclic patches using sHM?

Here is, what I tried to do:
My first attempt was to create the mesh like in the first attached picture.
After blockMesh finished without any error-messages, I ran sHM and got errors. I found out, that the reason seemed to be the face on the front side, that is connected to both cyclic faces.

So my next step was to avoid faces sharing two edges with cyclic faces. I did this by adding two thin extra blocks at the cyclic patches, like in the second attached picture.
Because I still get errors, i "split" the edge where the cyclic faces where connected (you see that when you take a closer look at pic #2).

It still doesn't work - and I run out of ideas. Where is the trick? Can anyone help?

I'd appreciate any hint.

vinz October 12, 2010 10:03


I have the same problem but not with SnappyHexMesh, with another grid generator. Actually, I don't think it is comming from the grid itself but from OpenFOAM.

Does anybody know if OF is able to handle suche cases where both cyclic patches share a line of point ?



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