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btgyd November 7, 2010 09:23

Editing the motorBike case, loading diffirent .stl
Do you have any ideas how to edit the tutorial ,,motorBike" case in order to investigate various geometries (which calls for diffirent .stl files), in particular to research on yacht sails.

So generally speaking what I want to do is just simply swap the .stl file of motorBike from the tutorial with a .stl file describing the sails geometry I want to investigate.

I tried several times to make this, but I fail to properly edit the SnappyHexMeshdict file from motorBike case to my ,,sail" case. Consequently my questions are as follow:

Could you provide a step- by step procedure of editing the case in order to swap the motorbike stl with sails stl file and how to edit the SnappyHexMeshDict to create the mesh based on that sails stl files? ( motorBike had multiple layers written in the snappyHexMeshdict, in sake of simplicity I want the hole model to be recognized as a single player, if possible).

Answering my issue will be essential for me since my CFD research will mainly use the swaping of the files in motorBike case, because this case has an already predefined wind tunnel.

Best Regards,


mfiandor September 26, 2011 17:24

It's quite late, but i answer what i have found.

Here btgyd ->

It's not full detailed, but quite complete. Lets say that in each step i'm missing some advices, like which parameters i should change and how for the files bMD and SHDM.

I'm in the same case as you, but i want to swap the motorbike with cars.
Have you gone forward on this??

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