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Tobi November 14, 2010 09:12

STL - File and sHM
Hey all,

i am meshing my geometry with snappyHexMesh. Everything is working well but i still got a problem. I hope i can explain it as well as i can.

I simplify most details. Okay. The STL - looks like that (after getting from Catia):

after meshing and getting the regions with "splitMeshRegions -cellZones" i got one folder called "teg" and the other 49 called "domain0-48". And thats damn. I prefer the foldernames teg1 to teg51 or so on and the patches like that.

I could extract every geometry of the file in a new one. So that i got 50 stl - files called teg1 to teg51 or so one and adding those to snappyHexMeshDict. But is there no other solution for that problem? :(

I edit the stl file to that one with awk is that helpful?

Sorry for my bad english... :(
Would be glad and happy for answers or solutions.

-> need every Region for chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam


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