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WolfgangS. November 16, 2010 10:15

snappyHexMesh and .eMesh someline.eMesh
hi foamers!

I have a question about the *.eMesh or also called someline.eMesh file. I only have a 3 week experience in OpenFOAM.

I want to simulate a flow over a circular cylinder, which is in the triSurface file als *.stl.

> For what and why do i need a *.eMesh file and what shall i indicate ? <

The tutorial "iglooWithFridges", for me it is very confusing.

>Anyway i need a *.stl file for snappyHexMesh?
>How can i create a line in *.eMesh (the are only edges and points in iglooWithFrides...)<

>Or in this case is it better to not use snappyHexMesh? (and why?)

Lots of questions (Sorry!)

Thanks in advance!


openfoam_user November 16, 2010 10:52

Hi Wolfgang,

maybe it's better to have a look at :

For 'simple' geometry this tool give you the possibility to maintain sharp edges.



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