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Tobi November 30, 2010 11:02

incompleted faceZones ? normal?
Hi together,

meshing a length of a pipe with snappyHexMesh.
So everything is working but i am not sure if the faceZones could have those gaps or if this is normal? The simulation is running and the solver also runs but i don't know if those gaps manipulate the result.

Here the mesh after meshing:

FaceZones - Incomplet / with gaps:

Last Picture - all three faceZones activated - and the gaps from one faceZone is filled with the other one. But if i generate the same mesh with blockMesh i've got no gaps.

How can i reduce the gaps ? :(
And are they manipulating my result while solving?

Best greetings

Hope someone can help me.

Tobi November 30, 2010 14:42

Hey together, its me again.

I heard that the faceZones don't matter if you use cht... solver. So i think there 's nothing else to say.


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