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WolfgangS. December 11, 2010 08:41

SurfaceLayers on a endless circular cylinder
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hi foamers!

I have a problem with my surfacelayers. i use to simulate a flow over a endless circular cylinder. How you can see on the picture my layers do not go till the frontAndBack-patches. Is it normal that the layers where built from the outside-patches? I am new in OpenFOAM please help me!

// Settings for the layer addition.
relativeSizes true;

// Per final patch (so not geometry!) the layer information
nSurfaceLayers 7;

// Expansion factor for layer mesh
expansionRatio 1.0;

//- Wanted thickness of final added cell layer. If multiple layers
// is the
// thickness of the layer furthest away from the wall.
// Relative to undistorted size of cell outside layer.
finalLayerThickness 0.9;

//- Minimum thickness of cell layer. If for any reason layer
// cannot be above minThickness do not add layer.
// Relative to undistorted size of cell outside layer.
minThickness 0.1;

//- If points get not extruded do nGrow layers of connected faces that are
// also not grown. This helps convergence of the layer addition process
// close to features.
nGrow 1;

best regards

s_braendli January 13, 2011 07:10

Hi Wolfgang

I noticed the same thing, but as I'm not very experienced in meshing either, I don't know if this is normal, or just our mistake...

Best regards

D.S. January 25, 2011 12:02

Hi Wolfgang,

try this : set your front+back from patches to empty. then run snappy. if the layers are ok and you want to run your case you have to manually overwrite the front+back in your boundary file ( from empty to wall/etc. ).

hope it works

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