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chossfeld January 24, 2011 08:04

SnappyHexMesh fails with internal Zones
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Hello all,

I got a strange behaviour with snappyHexMesh. I have defined two STL-geometries. See Bild4 Attachment 6194 . Here the blue shape if the main shape. The gray inside should be used as a zone. As shown with the orange cells, this works fine except some cells, which are located in the nowhere (bild3 Attachment 6195 ) in the middle of the zone shape. With other words: These cells belong to the internal zone, but where not inside the "zone"-stl. I have tried different background meshes, different refinement level and blocks and so on. I have no idea, why snappyHexMesh does the zones like this. There is no logic. I attach two additional pics.

Can someone help me out?


Attachment 6194

Attachment 6195

Attachment 6196

Attachment 6197

chossfeld January 27, 2011 09:29

issue solved
I just have done the internal zones with new a CAD-model and exported this to STL. Now everything works fine.

BUT I do not know why. The old STL passed every check and was closed.

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