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bing.guo April 24, 2011 11:35

How to create a separate patch on a blockmesh surface
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Hello Everyone,

I want to simulate the flow around/through an air sampling apparatus. The idea is to use a block domain; wind flows in from the left side of the block, passes the apparatus and leaves from the right side of the block. Also, a stream of air enters the apparatus, flows down a tube, and leaves from the exit of the tube at the bottom of the block. Top, side and bottom surfaces of the block have slip boundary conditions. The tube exit should be a separate patch on the bottom surface of the block, having an outlet boundary condition.

I ran blockMesh and then ran snappyHexMesh with the stl surface of the apparatus partially enclosed in the block (end of the tube sticking out of the bottom of the block).

The problem is that snappyHexMesh did not create a separate patch for the tube exit on the bottom of the block. Is that even possible with the "standard" applications available in OpenFOAM? In addition, what are the typical boundary conditions for two outlets (flow split ratio is known between the two outlets)? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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