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tobijingles August 25, 2011 05:53

Add additional boundary layers to complex stl surface
Hello Everyone!

I want to generate a grid for simulating flow over a complex surface. I have generated an stl file containing the surface with matlab from point data. The stl file also contains a kind of "box" surface around the ground surface and a top surface, to be able to select the cells to be kept after snapping to surface. (Because the cells must be surrounded by a closed surface.)

This works quite well and I have a first grid now. When viewing the grid I saw many cells near the surface with strange geometry, so I want to use the addLayers feature.

I'm new to OpenFoam, and I don't understand what is meant by "The patch name is used because the layers addition relates to the
existing mesh, not the surface geometry; hence applied to a patch, not a surface region." in the user guide.

How do I get the patch name? I looked at the tutorials (flange and motorbike), but the entries there are not making it clearer to me.

Is there a possibility to add layers to the stl surface?

Do I need to store the surface and the box-walls surounding it in different "solids" in the stl file?

I'm looking forward for your help, don't hesitate to ask for more information if the problem is not clear at all!


ic3wall October 26, 2011 10:45

did you figure out your problem ?

I was wondering the same thing..

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