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samineh October 9, 2011 03:56

The steps of OpenFoam
I'm a new member and I'm trying to run my cases by OpenFoam
I read the tutorials and ran them successfully and now I want to Knew about the steps of running a case or any advises to start my OpenFoam learning

Linse October 9, 2011 17:55

Next Step: Modification of Tutorial Cases!
Hi Samineh,

good you started the right way - with the tutorials!
From my experience, I would advise you to start changing the tutorial cases for getting closer to the cases you want to work on.
For example, if you would like to do a shocktube with specific parameters, use the one from the rhoCentralFoam-Tutorial and alter the pressure or the temperature parameters.
Afterwards, alter the geometry this and that way.
Once you have a feeling about this stuff (should be there pretty quick, something like half a week), start playing with the different settings within system/controlDict. This will save you a lot of time if you just want to test this or that change in the solver lateron. Moreover this can save loads of disk-space! This might take you half a day or so, depending on how extreme you concentrate on it.

Once you have some feeling about these basic case-setups, you should go into the different system/fvSolution-parameters. They can take you quite some time.
In my opinion highly advantageous is to get experience with the relaxation factors. They can wreck or perfectionise your simulation easily!

And best thing would be to find some way to monitor the residuals (if you haven't yet) soon. Saved me a lot of time...

Probably you know most of that already. Just wanted to make sure it's in here! ;-)

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