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sangoi87 October 18, 2011 05:54

setSet tool
Hi everybody,

I have a problem: I want to mesh the bidimensional slice of a cylindrical pipe and divide it into two regions, the fluid one and the solid shell one.

I wrote the blockMeshDict and gave the "blockMesh" command without any error.

Then I tryed to split regions with the "setSet -batch makeZones" command, but something went wrong. Specifically, it gives me back two zones of 0 size.
I wrote a makeZones file like this:

cellSet fluid new boxToCell (a b c) (d e f)
cellSet solid new boxToCell (g h i) (l m n)

The thing I don't understand is: which points do I have to write instead of (a b c) etc. etc.?

I looked at the multiRegionHeater and the turbineSiting tutorials, but it was useless.

Thank you,

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