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vittorio.bissaro November 3, 2011 11:56

Strange bumb on the surface
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Some problem when using snappy with boundary layer.
Strange bumbs appears on the surface of the geometry.
(look at the pictures)
Is it a common problem or I just need to choose the right parameters?
(I can add more information if needed)
Thanks a lot

Attachment 9854

Attachment 9855

wyldckat November 3, 2011 14:48

Greetings vittorio.bissaro and welcome to the forum!

That looks a bit like the bug reported here: - but the bug reported there implies that the problem is related to large surfaces without additional feature edges on them.

Can you attach on your next post the "snappyHexMeshDict" file? Also, open the "*.obj" files in ParaView so you can verify what feature edges are being followed.

Any chance you can simplify the geometry to try and isolate the issue? If you can, you can then later use it for reporting it on the bug tracker in the link above.

Best regards,

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