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grjmell December 1, 2011 14:16

2D snappyHexMesh with layers
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I've tried to make a 2D snappyHexMesh using the accepted workaround, i.e. using extrudeMesh. This works fine, but only if you dont have layers (addLayers). Since the layers peter out towards the extrusion patch (wall), the extruded mesh does not include any of the layers, but only the castellated mesh...

The first image shows a slice of the 3D mesh after snappyHexMeshing. All good.

The second image shows how the layers are tapered out towards the extrusion patch. Which is the problem.

Third image shows the result after extrusion. No layers!

Is it possible somehow to extrude from a slice (image 1) of the 3D snappyHexMesh, thus allowing layers to be present in the extruded 2D Mesh?? Or another way? Any ideas?

grjmell December 2, 2011 13:53

actually, all you need to do is set the boundary conditions of the sidewalls to empty then the layers go all the way.

sh.d May 27, 2013 12:00

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i want to mesh a 2d airfoil in sanappy but it dont snap
can any one help me please?

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