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Prosiaczek April 11, 2012 18:27

Add layers and deformation
Hello Everyone
I'm encountering problem with meshing in snappyHexMesh, to be precise in step of adding layers. I'm trying to create a mesh of box with rods inside it and obtain 5 layers around those rods. As You can see in attached screenshots till the third step (adding layers) everything looks fine, but when snappyHexMesh adds layers to the rods surfaces, my box is getting deformed as You can see. Could someone look on my snappyHexMeshDict file and those pictures and said what I'm doing wrong?
I have 99 stl files of rods and box created by blockMesh.

Here is snappyHexMeshDict file:

When I tried to add stl file with box, my mesh had something like damaged surface (like after pitting) due to not extruded cells. That's why I abandoned that idea and tried to create mesh without box saved in stl file.

Pictures for meshing without box in stl file:

Pictures for meshing with box in stl file:

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