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prasant September 12, 2013 11:44

Conversion Issue In OpenFOAM
Hello All,

I am facing an issue while converting foamMesh to fluent.

I need to export snappyHexMesh to Fluent. I generated multiDomain mesh. means mesh contians three zones.

using "foamMeshToFluent" utility, In fluent it is showing only one zone. I am not getting the zones which i created in snappyHexMesh.

Is it a bug? or Do we need to modify the code to work it out perfectly

Please help me regarding this.


prasant September 13, 2013 01:53

Hello All,

I managed to export snappyHexMesh to fluent.

Everything we need to do it in fluent only.
follow these steps:

1) split the multi domain mesh which was generated by snappyHexMesh using splitMeshRegions utility. like "splitMeshRegions -cellZones"

2) Then It will write new time consists of the individual zones. convert those zones in to OpenFOAM format.

3) And then use "foamMeshToFluent" utility for individual zones.

4) Then we should have three mesh files.

5) Open any one msh file in fluent and then append remianing zones.

6) Use fuse option to merge the interiors. Now we will have seperate zones in fluent toooo.

Let me know If any body facing issue while converting.

Happy Foaming.


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