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albcem October 30, 2008 18:18

Hello all, I am in an effor
Hello all,

I am in an effort to integrate in GMSH the ability to calculate, visualize and possibly delete mesh elements that violate OpenFOAM mesh quality requirements.

OpenFOAM "checkMesh" measures the following entitites and returns whether the mesh is a PASS or FAIL based on some internally specificied thresholds:

aspect ratio
face area
Min/max edge length
face angles
face flatness

Now I need to collect information on the exact definitions that OpenFOAM uses to evaluate the above (some definitions are obvious, some are ambigious in literature).

The other item I need data on is the so called thresholds on the above entities to flag whether a mesh is a pass or fail.

I appreciate your inputs.


mkraposhin October 31, 2008 05:12

for non-orthogonality and skew
for non-orthogonality and skewness, see Hrv. Jasak PhD; for aspect ratio, i think, could be calculated as h_max / D_hyd, h_max - maximum edge len, D_hyd - hydraulic diameter,

what is not clear to me is a statistic, called cell Determinant

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