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pi06jl6 July 11, 2008 03:10

I need help to use OF interpol
I need help to use OF interpolation functions for the following purpose: given data f in (x,y,z) interpolate f_new on to (x',y',z'). I could of course write my own function for this but since i know OF have these routines but without any documentation i am therefore obliged to ask on his matter on this forum. The answer i am looking is more or less what functions/class to be used, and a pseudo code a starting point. Thank you!

pi06jl6 July 11, 2008 03:55

Let me be more detailed, given
Let me be more detailed, given Mesh from OF i shall pass information to another mesh from ANOTHER program, hence i cannot use the standard formulations.

I do want to avoid use same topology and also same number of points ( the program i am using OF and XXX have very different mesh topologies and points in general). From what i have understood, the best way to solve this is every (x',y',z') assign the nearest faces of the Mesh and then choose interpolation technique. But then i guess this must have been done before in this group. This is why i am asking.

I have noticed that something similar is used in icofsiFoam but i havent been able to use this code for my purpose. I have tried icoStructFoam with success but having the points onto eachother is a severe limitation for my purpose.

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