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kar January 28, 2008 08:39

Hello, could you share your

could you share your experience in creating non-trivial geometries and making a refined mesh afterwards? By "refined" I mean for example finer at some boundaries comparing with inner cells.
blockMesh is handling only hexaedra and does no refinement...


gkokgr January 28, 2008 09:32

Hi, Kārlis I do not have e
Hi, Kārlis

I do not have experience with it, but would you like to have a look at CAELinux( It includes OpenFOAM 1.4.1 and the basic pre/post processor, SALOME, seems really interesting... (although it appears it needs some intermediate format conversion to pass data to FOAM (via UNV files). It also includes GMSH.

kar January 28, 2008 09:56

Another distro?! Not again! I
Another distro?! Not again!
I'll take a look later, but I would rather prefer compiling from source and running on my own distro.

By the way - any comments about TetGen?

johndeas January 28, 2008 10:02

Since it is a livecd, you just
Since it is a livecd, you just run it, and cherry-pick packages you'll install on your fav distro

gkokgr January 28, 2008 14:11

Hi, Kārlis did you look at
Hi, Kārlis

did you look at the URL???? SALOME exists as a standalone package as well (I think the downloadable standalone package has binaries). In the Wiki there is also an example of using FOAM with SALOME. And John is right, I think. It is **merely** a (super-) supercharged PCLinuxOS LiveCD loaded with some really cutting edge scientific tools...For my part at least (as I am not a Linux guru, just vanilla user...), it would be a pain in the !@#$ to locate and install all these packages on my favorite distro...

kar January 28, 2008 15:06

When download completes, I'll
When download completes, I'll write DVD and try it.
One more thing I would like to know - how about polyhedra mesh generators? Is it only gambit and similar proprietary software, that can make hexa- or even more face element meshes?

gkokgr January 28, 2008 15:18

...not sure about this one (so
...not sure about this one (sorry). Maybe someone else could jump in and answer this one...
Before anything else check the tut. here: rial:_3D_CFD_analysis_of_a_Y-shaped_pipe_.28CAELinux_2007.29

florante January 28, 2008 20:51

Hi, This is the link to the

This is the link to the salome_meca binary package.

installation notes here:

This is different version from the one in This includes the Code_aster module.

I wonder if FoamX can be integrated to salome as a module as what Code_Aster did.

vanmaercke January 29, 2008 05:21

Hi, I have some comments a

I have some comments about Tetgen. It is easy to refine your tet mesh generated with Tetgen if you have a set of points where you want refine.
This is done using the '-r' switch. Off course you will need to provide a file 'XXX-a.node' (where xxx is the name of your mesh) with the additional points you want to add. These points are usually easily derived from the estimated error on your solution..
Meshing rather complex shapes can indeed be done with salome (or netgen standalone (smaller)) or using STL input files and meshing them with tetgen. In my experience (2 years ago) Tetgen performed better then Netgen both on speed as robustness...


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