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sergio November 19, 2007 06:21

Hi everybody, After a whil
Hi everybody,

After a while I am trying to get back to the refinement/coarsening of dynamical mesh and
resumed my crusade for refinement/coarsen.

So far, I have the refinement bit working well by an scalar.

Now, the coarsening is not working.

I am using all the proper classes (Modifiers, etc). At the end I could isolate the problem to this for coarsening:

undoableMeshCutter::removeSplitFaces, which uses the class removeFaces.

This is done inside the errorDrivenRefinement class and evaluateError class.

I can not find any example for removeSplitFaces or removeFaces in the tutorials and/or applications

I use the cavity example and the error appears when coarsening happens:

--> FOAM FATAL ERROR : Face 589contains vertex labels out of range: 4(-1 105 1 1143 -1) Max point index = 1250

From function
const label nUsedFaces,
const pointField& points,
const faceList& faces,
const labelList& owner,
const labelList& neighbour,
const labelList& patchSizes,
const labelList& patchStarts

in file meshes/polyMesh/polyMesh.C at line 464.

It looks as -1 is not proper vertex numbering. I am pretty sure it has to do with removeSplitFaces.

Do you have any example for coarsening mesh?.

I will open a threat on the forum for more help.

Other tip,

In ErrorDrivenRefinement I found this and commented for not repacking. ( as a test)

It turns out to work OK for refinement/coarsening till a given point where
the problem of vertex labelling appears as before
(This code was sent by you months ago)

// Repack list of cells to refine.
List<refinecell> refCells = refPattern.refCells();

label newRefCellI = 0;

forAll(refCells, refCellI)
label cellI = refCells[refCellI].cellNo();

//Sergio commented
// if (!markedCell[cellI] && (newRefCellI != refCellI))
// {
refCells[newRefCellI++] = refCells[refCellI];
// }

Anyway, I have the problem of vertex labels equal -1 after nine iterations with refinement/coarsening. Here it is removing faces but then stops with the same error.


I saw this in:
void Foam::undoableMeshCutter::updateMesh(const mapPolyMesh& morphMap)
// Update mesh cutter for new labels.

// No need to update cell walker for new labels since does not store any.

// Update faceRemover for new labels

if (undoable_)
// Update all live split cells for mesh mapper.
updateLabels(morphMap.reverseCellMap(), liveSplitCells_);

faceRemover_.updateMesh(morphMap) is not implemented and the error I sent you before
is related to labelling.

Do you think this might be the cause.

Honestly, I think this is out of my reach to solve as the internal structure of the mesh and its refinement is a kind of misttery for the end-user even when I tried for a long time. :-)

I know it is topic of interest for many users I am willing to produce a tutorial and the code so far implemented by me.




mm.abdollahzadeh November 6, 2012 12:09

Hi Sergio

I want to implement of a Automatic refinement in my code. I want to have also a 2D AMR.
So far I have tried the multidirrefinment and then mapping the data by meshtomeshinterpolation.
but there is problem that meshtomeshinterpolation is not working for surface fields .

I have tried the updateMesh(Map) instead of meshtomeshinterpolation. but it does not work also :(.

now i am checking the errordrivenrefinment. But as I a beginner in openfoam I dont understand how to use it.
could you share asimple case runned with errordrivenrefinment? or the steps to use it?
I will be grateful to have your help.


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