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DanL April 1, 2009 06:38

Beginners question!
Hi there

I'm a PhD student in the UK and I'm interested in using OpenFOAM to perform a Poisson solve for a new 3D vortex method I'm working on. I'm completely new to this kind of software and to FVM, so my question will probably be very niave to you old hands!

Concerned with mesh generation, I already have defined a set of Lagrangian points at which I know the information for the source term in my solve, these are in no way structured however we will ensure that we have enough of a distribution over the domain to allow meshing. My question then is this, is it possible, given these points, to automatically create a mesh with them at the cell centres? It appears not to be standard in OpenFOAM but is there some other software (open source) available that would do this? Or is this a non starter? Are there too many contraints to allow such a general mesh?

Many thanks for any help you can offer me!


DanL June 3, 2009 11:29

Ok, I quickly came to the conclusion this was proabably a daft question and I've been making progress using tetgen. I think I've also worked out how to move certain points in the mesh but the next challenge is that I would like to add additional points into the mesh. This "refinement" is achieved through the Lagrangian vortcitiy field so all I need to know is if there is a simple way to update the mesh to include these known points? The closest I have found is polyAddPoint, is this the right place to look?? This is potentially an equally stupid question, any pointers would be most welcome!

Also could somebody point me in the direction of a simple example of triply-periodic boundary conditions?


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