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fijinx December 20, 2009 17:11

OpenFOAM Pre-processing
I have been trying for days to find a pre-processing solution for OpenFOAM as I need to be able to use it "efficiently". Could someone please tell me what programs to use to get from a complicated solidworks part to a OpenFOAM mesh including boundary conditions on the part surfaces. I looked into salome (discontinuity on edges after file concantenation and no refinement available on stl export) and a few other options but not have come to a conclusion. SnappyHexMesh meshes fine, but I cannot easily add boundary conditions to different surfaces of the .stl. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you!

Wolle January 26, 2010 02:47

Hi James,

I've got the same goals, but had to suspend my work on this for a while.

My personal opinion (derrived from reading forums etc.) is, that snappyHexMesh would probably fit for our case. The only problem is to apply the boundary conditions.

In order to add them, my next attempt is to install OpenCascade and Salome (maybe just Salome is sufficient). Then I'll try to import STEP/IGES files (or maybe also STL) into Salome and perform a surface mesh (not volume mesh! just surface mesh!). Afterwards, one should be able to name the different surfaces, export as STL and proceed like in the motorBike tutorial (which is based on a single STL file with several named regions/surfaces).

So this is, what I'm going to try. You probably wont find a perfect "out-of-the-box" solution for your needs at the moment.

I would be glad to share experiences on this with you and other.


EDIT: Have a look here!

EDIT again: I just saw, that you have been given some advice pointing in the same direction, I'm planning to go here:
Did you try? Did you succeed? Did you fail? What happened?

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