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vaina74 March 16, 2010 08:10

hex mesh
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I have two questions, I think they are two questions connected to each other.

1. My aim is to study the performance of a 'hydro' foil with OpenFOAM (and later on a propeller) and I'm going to create the computational domain with Salome. I'm an absolute beginner, so I proceed step by step. I made a simple model: a parallelepiped cutted by a cylinder; then partitioned by two planes (look at the picture). I'm trying to build a hexahedral mesh but i only obtain the message 'Unexpected geometry. Wrong number of wires' or similar. Can you help me, please?

2. I tried to 'translate' in GUI language the TUI tutorial about the hex mesh for a cylindric domain (on Salome). I almost made the grade (sic!) but I have some problems about 1D discretization. I can't set a different number of segments for each 'dimension', as in the tutorial. Maybe I'm wrong with the 'side group' (are face_a and face_b the bases of the cylinder?). My parameters are

[whole object]
hypotheses: nb Segments = 1;
algo: regular_1D; quadrangle_2D; hexa_3D;

[face a, face b]
hypotheses: nb Segments 1 = na, nb;
algo: regular_1D; quadrangle_2D;

[side group]
hypotheses: nb Segments =nl;
algo: regular_1D; quadrangle_2D;

linnemann March 19, 2010 03:21

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To create a hex mesh in Salome you need each face to consist of 4 edges. The meshing will fail as you see if you have more than 4.

Create you geometry with 4 faces like so, and it should work.

vaina74 March 19, 2010 06:23

Thanks for your reply. In the meanwhile, I went on with my exercises and tries (also the meshing tutorials), so I understood the 4 edges requirement.

AbbasRahimi February 5, 2013 19:48

I faced to the same problem but I cant figure out how I can push each face to just have 4 edges! Could you please provide me some leads???


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