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wwrfd June 22, 2011 10:27

Salome + Gmsh or enGrid for OpenFOAM?
Hi everyone,

I am supposed to make a study on OpenFoam using open-source geometry and meshing software, the studied geometry will be mainly composed of cylindrical shapes. Problem is I've tried many combinaisons between different software like SalomeMeca, Gmsh, enGrid and others and I still don't what could be the best solution between using:

SalomeMeca => Geometry + Mesh and use ideasUnvToFoam to convert the mesh to make the study

SalomeMeca =>Export Geometry STL and then mesh into enGrid or Gmsh and then convert the mesh with gmshToFoam.

I know it exists plenty of other ways to create geometries and meshs but I don't know what is the most appropriate.

I know this subject must have been already discussed about elsewhere and I'm sorry for that.

Thank you for your answers.

elvis July 19, 2011 09:15


there is even a third way via pythonflu see link

mentioned in this presentation is that pythonflu can be used to directly use salome-mesh without converting thru ideasUnvToFoam (that has some limitations and therefore was not a suitable way for Mr. Cliffords work)

wwrfd July 21, 2011 10:38

Ok thank you I will try to use it since I planned to make my geometry and mesh on Salome!

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