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Artex85 December 20, 2011 17:16

[Task] Hotgas nozzle with Pointview
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Dear Forum Users!

After completing some simple meshing tasks with gmsh (2.2.6) and discretizer, I will do some more realistic meshing cases. I have to use this old gmsh version, otherwise there is no chance for me to convert it via gmshToFoam (OpenFOAM 1.5-Dev).

The next case will be a more realistic variant of my hotgas nozzle (inert gas). We have different wall temperatures and an inlet pipe, which is normal to the main pipe. Later on, I wanna take a turbulent heat transfer solver.

For a better imagination, I attached two images of the 3D part (ProEngineer). For the first try I exported it as a .stl

The colored surfaces represent the intended boundary layers:
  • green - inlet
  • yellow - outlet
  • red - hot walls
  • blue - cold walls
Is there any need, to define the surfaces in the .stl file directly, or is there a possibility to set it up later on?

My experience with snappyHexMesh is ... not the best. I dont know how to define the boundary layers and there are problems with "sharp" edges. Maybe there is a way with the discretizer...

Importing the .stl in gmsh 2.2.6 works really good, but I dont have an idea how to create the 3D mesh with this version.

So, do you have some ideas, how to get a mesh out of the 3D model for the upcoming case.

Thanks in advance

Edit: Just work around with Pointwise and updated the 3D model to be more ... fluent ;)
I split the geometry in a rear part with the intersection, and a front part with the nozzle, if someone have experience with this kind of meshing, help is welcome :o

Artex85 December 28, 2011 09:14

Its going on
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Nozzle Version 2 - see last post:
  • Unstructured (tet) mesh is done
parts of Nozzle Version 3 - or the much more realistic one
  • Structured (hex) raw mesh is done, solving with icoFoam is done
Happy New Year

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