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Hanno July 16, 2012 05:30

stitchMesh -perfect - tolerance error of 2 identical faces
Hi Foamers,

after reading all stitchMesh regarding threads, i decided to start a new one. I meshed 2 parts of a rectangular channel with blockMesh and now im trying to merge the meshes. mergeMesh works with no problem, and after it, i got 2 regions in the mesh and some non-aligned edges.
So i go to stitchMesh next, but it aways complains about:


Points on patch sides do not match to within tolerance 1.1156e-06

    From function perfectInterface::setRefinement(polyTopoChange& ref) const
    in file perfectInterface/perfectInterface.C at line 220.

FOAM exiting


Searching started from:46536 in pts1
    Compared coord:(0.123884 0.0725446 0.0357143) with difference to point 0.28485
    Compared coord:(-0.111607 -0.0904018 0.0357143) with difference to point 0.0150151
Compared coord:(0.120536 0.078125 0.0357143) with difference to point 0.285685
Cannot find point in pts1 matching point 14834 coord:(0.101563 -0.101563 0.0357143) in pts0 when using tolerance 1.1156e-06

for every point.

I have checked the 2 faces that shoud be stiched with paraView, they are absolutely identical, the geometry is most simple. The tolerance between the points should be zero, instead its pretty high, as you can see.

I have absolutely no idea whats going wrong here, since the test-case with a very coarser mesh worked perfectly.

Thanks for reading :)

vonboett November 21, 2013 06:41

have you tried without -perfect (=integral)?

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