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Rocky4 November 17, 2012 17:48

difference in 'make axial mesh' for OF 2.1 & OF 1.6 EXT
Dear Foamers,
i am using make axial mesh utility for generating axisymmetric mesh.I have used this on OF 2.1 & OF 1.6 dev. I have observed slight difference in the output of MAM interms of the patch type of axis. In OF-1.6 Ext axis patch type is set to 'empty' with zero no of faces whereas in OF 2.1 it is set to 'symmetry plane 'with non zero no of faces at axis.What is the reason for this difference ? which i should use? since there is no offset in my case so i was expecting zero no faces and empty patch type at axis (the one i get from MAM version for OF 1.6 EXT).

also when i run block Mesh utility to generate 2d mesh to use input for MAM i get the message
Exec : blockMesh
Date : Nov 17 2012
Time : 13:11:24
Host : rocky-laptop
PID : 1846
Case : /home/rocky/of16ext/cases/personal/lpd/diffaxis/melt
nProcs : 1
SigFpe : Enabling floating point exception trapping (FOAM_SIGFPE)
why i get this last mesage?
any kind of help is greatly appreciated .

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