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j3r June 24, 2013 01:55

Avoid faces that don't belong to any cell
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I’m trying to generate a structure composed of cubic mesh cells to perform some OpenFoam simulations.

Right now I generate a cuboid with blockMesh and utilize snappyHexMesh to remove the structure (let’s call it “solid”) defined in a stl file. As I need cubic mesh cells I disabled the “snap” and “addLayer” options in sHM, thus only “castellatedMesh” is enabled.

In general, the structure generation works fine but it seems like in some cases sHM generates “solid” faces that do not belong to any “solid” cell. Specifically, if the structure in the stl file overlaps only with a few faces of an original cell e.g. only 3 faces of the original cell are replaced by “solid” faces (see image; shown is a section of the “solid” structure where only 3 “solid” faces were generated but no volume was removed from the original mesh). This way no “solid” cell is removed from the original mesh even though the generated “solid” faces influence the simulation as they have certain boundary conditions

My question now is if I can somehow “tell” snappyHexMesh to only generate “solid” faces if they belong to a “solid” cell. I enabled the “debug” option in sHM and apparently sHM removes some of the above mentioned unwanted faces between the last two iteration steps but for some reason not all of them. Alternatively, is it possible to subsequently select all “solid” faces that do not belong to any “solid” cell and delete them?

Please let me know if you need additional information.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

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