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dkokron July 4, 2013 17:18

renumberMesh options
I am testing the performance impact of using the renumberMesh utility and would like to try out the Sloan option that is hinted at in ...


I have read that the Sloan algorithm superior to the default CuthillMcKee for many types of matrices. I have not been able to locate and OpenSource implementation of the Sloan algorithm and was wondering what implementation was used during OpenFOAM testing.

Does anyone know where I can find an OpenSource implementation of the Sloan renumbering algorithm that works with the OpenFOAM renumberMesh utility?


dkokron July 4, 2013 19:35

Answered my own question. The OpenFOAM implementation of the Sloan algorithm depends on BOOST.

CFDnewbie147 November 8, 2013 03:50


and how do you implement the BOOST function or where do I have to change to this algorithm?

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