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monkeytron February 13, 2009 13:10

Hi All, I'm trying to use s
Hi All,

I'm trying to use snappyHexMesh to do some quite complex meshing with lots of cells. I am starting with an STL that is an enclosed volume inside my blockMesh generated mesh. I am only interested in the resulting mesh inside the enclosed STL, but it seems that sHM does lots of refinement/effort before deleting the region of mesh you have told it you dont want. This is causing me to run out of memory, so I was wondering if there is any way to only do the refienment/effort in the region I want, rather than spending effort requiring storage for fine mesh that subsequently gets deleted?



wolle1982 February 18, 2009 09:31

check your refinement Mode und
check your refinement Mode under

"refinementRegions" in the sHMDict

maybe you are still on mode "distance". maybe you'd better use "inside" or "outside"

Specifies refinement level for cells in relation to a surface. One of
three modes

- distance. 'levels' specifies per distance to the surface the
wanted refinement level. The distances need to be specified in
descending order.

- inside. 'levels' is only one entry and only the level is used. All
cells inside the surface get refined up to the level. The surface
needs to be closed for this to be possible.

- outside. Same but cells outside.

kati February 19, 2009 23:57

Hi Simon, I think the only
Hi Simon,

I think the only way to limit the memory consumption in surface refinement phase would be to try to limit the background mesh size by making it follow your geometry. A bit unorthodox suggestion, but do you have access to mesh generator which could create you a stair-step mesh that just encloses your geometry?


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