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juliuslein October 29, 2008 11:12

Hello together, I'm trying
Hello together,

I'm trying to generate a mesh with snappyHexMesh on a simple ship shape. I already did the example with the igloo and one simple example with a *.stl - ball in the middle of block. Snapping worked fine only the boundary layer not.
Now I'm importing a simple hull as a stl-file. Refining works good but it does not snap properly. The only difference to the other examples is that I used distance in "refinementSurfaces" toolbox.

I attached the foto of before and after "snapping", the snappyHexMeshDict and the wigley.stl. snappyHexMeshDict wigleyHalf.stl.tar.gz

Hopefully someone of you can help me with this because I'm already quite desesperated...

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Julius

wolle1982 February 19, 2009 10:05

try to turn up the values of
try to turn up the values of




and turn down

under "snapControls"

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