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olwi September 10, 2008 18:47

Dear foamers, All the examp
Dear foamers,

All the examples of the faceSetDict and cellSetDict I find in the tutorials do only one action on one single set.

Could I work on several sets in the same faceSetDict, and maybe do several actions on one set? What's the syntax? Or do I have to make several faceSetDict:s? Hope I'm missing something trivial...

For example, I want to collect the faces of a patch, and have half of them in faceSet "n1" and the other half in faceSet "n2". For "n1", I would create a 'new' set from all patch faces, and then 'delete' half of them with a box selector.

Thanks in advance,


PS. Information that helps me will end up in the wiki, for the benefit of others...

hjasak September 11, 2008 01:24

Why don't you work on it using
Why don't you work on it using setSet - this will give you an interactive interface and you can manipulate sets in any way you like.


olwi September 11, 2008 11:15

Brilliant! It seems setSet als
Brilliant! It seems setSet also takes a batch file. Or I can pipe a text file to stdin. (Thing is I want to have it scripted, rather than interactive.)



Rebecca513 October 4, 2011 15:42

Dear Ola,

Can I ask how you did the patch split. I mean you got a faceSet for half of the patch, and another faceset for the other. That is exactly what I need to do now.

I don't know what is the action or criteria you used to create a faceset from a patch.

My case is that I have a patch, with two parallel plates, each plate is like the our landscape, not regular. I want to split them into two patches, to give them different boundary conditions.

Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Thank you so much!!!


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