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nzy102 August 29, 2008 02:48

Hello: First, thank openfoa

First, thank openfoam team for the wondful tool snappyhexmesh. I am working on meshing a quite geometry now. I made the geometry from solidworks. Then converted the solidworks file to STL. The problem with solidworks is it exported the geometry as a whole surface. So I couldn't make patches in the stl file. As a workaround, I imported the stl file in Rhino and saved every surface (patch) as a stl file in ASCII format. Then I put all the stil files together (integrated stl file). When I ran snappyhexmesh, I got something like:

Shell **** does not support testing for inside
Probably it is not closed

I went back to open the integrated stl file in several different softwares ( blender, rhino and solidworks) and it looked that the stl file is closed. Does anybody here has a similar problem?

Is there any other way to makes patches for STL files in general?

Thank you so much.

mattijs August 29, 2008 04:48

To use inside/outside we requi
To use inside/outside we require every edge to have exactly two faces using it. Load in paraview, Filter->Feature Edges and switch on the 'non-manifold' edges. Disable all sharp angle ones (by setting angle to 180?).

nzy102 August 29, 2008 13:53

Hi Mattijs: It gave me the
Hi Mattijs:

It gave me the same error.


CoSponge January 8, 2015 08:56

Close stl file

have you checked if every single solid has the exact syntax? I mean this one:

solid <name>
facet normal 0 1 0
outer loop
vertex -0.019754 -0.15 0.103129
vertex -0.02 -0.15 0.1
vertex -0.019754 -0.15 0.096871

Maybe you miss "endsolid" at the end while putting everything toghether. Let me know ;)



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