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markc April 18, 2008 14:35

Dear Foamers, Has anyone su
Dear Foamers,

Has anyone succeeded in using refineMesh on a tetrahedral mesh? I want to use this utility in order to use surface capturing refinement. I want to model free surface waves caused by ships. It seems very hard to create a mesh with hex when curved ships hulls are involved.
However, if I am right, refineMesh only works on hex meshes. At least I just tried it on my tet mesh but checkmesh gave a lot of errors.

Is there any possibilty to model the water-air interface by some kind of moving/sliding interface?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


markc April 18, 2008 16:05

Mathematically it does not see
Mathematically it does not seem very demanding to me. Add a point in the middle of a tet, add edges from this new point to old corner points etc. Or am I overlooking something?
However, I have no idea how to code this properly in C.

Hrushi August 26, 2010 00:49

refineMesh tetrahedral

I am also trying to use refineMesh on tetrahedral mesh. Have you succeded in doing that? If yes, can u give some hints?


Marc10 December 7, 2010 10:16

Is mesh refinement of tetrahedral cells implemented in the new version 1.7.1?

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