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zurdo July 10, 2007 12:46

i am Sergio Ferraris from King
i am Sergio Ferraris from Kingston University, London. I was in Zagreb and I was kindly "set" in a position to deal with mesh refinement using a given scalar.
I 've been working quiet a lot and I have good and bad news:

Good news: I introduced a class to handle the mesh refinemen by any scalar field. It does the refinement and gives a good mesh and map all the variables properly.

Bad news: Somehow I can not make phi to be conservative after the refinement. So, it diverges after few iterations. I tried solving pcorr to modified phi (as it is is icoDyFoam) but no results.

So, anybody who can give an idea what this is happening will be welcome and rewarded with the source code when it is working and tested.



pnguyen1 July 11, 2007 02:18

Hi Sergio, I am beginning to
Hi Sergio,
I am beginning to learn adaptive mesh refinement. I will highly appreciate if you could share your source code dealing with mesh refinement using a given scalar (my email: ? So we can resolve the question you have posed together.
You will be rewarded once I could succeed in formulating the adjoint problem for error estimation !

Best regards,

lr103476 July 11, 2007 04:19

Hi Sergio, Very interesting
Hi Sergio,

Very interesting, indeed! Once you've got it working, i.e. when the flux remains conservative after refinement, I am willing to test this stuff. I have some nice vortex test cases of which I'd like to apply unsteady mesh refinement using, for example, the maximal of magVorticity.

Regards, Frank

braennstroem January 9, 2008 06:15

Hi Sergio, I am just wonder
Hi Sergio,

I am just wondering, if you had success so far and I am wondering, how the mesh.update() function works?

Best Regards!

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