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sradl September 13, 2007 04:26

Hello, I'd like to import a

I'd like to import a mesh from ideasUnV-File format. The file contains information on a cellZone beside info on the boundary condition. I've modified the ideasUnvToFoam utility so that I can extract this information (i.e. a list of cells that belong to a zone) out of the .unv file.

The problem is how to add this info to my mesh.
How can I write this cellZone info in OF format?

Any hint where to start is welcome


olesen September 13, 2007 05:32

Stefan, Here's some code th

Here's some code that should help give you some hints. The addCellZones() method can be readily adapted to your needs.


2 Files: cellTable.H cellTable.C

sradl September 13, 2007 10:27

Dear Mark, got it: I just l
Dear Mark,

got it: I just looked at the gmsh-converter and implemented in my ideasUnv-converter.

It is now possible to define a group "rotCellZone" in cubit, that will be registered by the converter and a cellSet file will be written. Then it can be used together with a MRF code.

If anybody is interested to test out the converter, please drop me an email:
stefan <dot> radl <@> tugraz <dot> at

However, the converter is very much customized but can be easily adjusted.


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