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bastil April 29, 2007 09:37

Hi, so far I did not use to

so far I did not use to much of the meshing Tools from Foam, only solvers. Now I found autoRefineMEsh after looking around a bit today.

I think it is very interestign. I used blockmesh to generate a course bounding box hexa mesh and did autoRefinement afterwards. But I am not sure what it exactly did. CheckMesh gives me Hexas and Polys afterwards, but Paraview shows more or less Tetrahedrals. Is there som example or additional documentation about it?


eugene April 30, 2007 09:28

ParaView cannot display polys
ParaView cannot display polys properly, so decomposes them into tetras for display purposes.

bastil April 30, 2007 15:47

I expected that. I saw OpenDX
I expected that. I saw OpenDX is able to display the mesh properly?
What I am wondering: Is the mesh body fitted? Or is body-fitting possible with some of the Options which I dont understand?

mattijs April 30, 2007 17:31

If you look at the patches (v.
If you look at the patches (v.s. the internal mesh) you'll see the outside polyhedra correctly.

OpenDX has the same problem (and uses a similar decomposition) but can display the edges of the mesh correctly

The mesh is not body fitted and there is no option to do so.

bastil May 1, 2007 07:00

Thanks for this, Mattijs. How
Thanks for this, Mattijs. How can I look a the patches in paraview?

So what are the following options good for:

With them I dont see a difference, I always get three cell sets:

I thought this was for body fitting but whats it good for?
geometricCut false;
UseHexTopology yes;

Thanks Basti

hartinger May 1, 2007 08:24

use foamToVTK, it writes separ
use foamToVTK, it writes separate files for each patch. use paraview to see the vtk-files

mattijs May 1, 2007 16:14

The cellSets are to select par
The cellSets are to select part of the mesh. Use subsetMesh.

The default refinement method is to cut with a plane through the cell centre (geometricCut=true). For pure hexes (i.e. cells with 8 vertices and 6 quad faces) it can do a topological cut (UseHexTopology=true) since for hexes the concept of a direction actually makes sense.

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