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derath April 25, 2007 06:26

Hi to all, I'm using the util
Hi to all,
I'm using the utility gmshToFoam for importing a my mesh in foam but I've this:

Exec : gmshToFoam /home/giuseppe/OpenFOAM/giuseppe-1.4/run/tutorials/turbFoam serra modello.msh
Date : Apr 25 2007
Time : 12:29:14
Host : linux-cplb
PID : 21203
Root : /home/giuseppe/OpenFOAM/giuseppe-1.4/run/tutorials/turbFoam
Case : serra
Nprocs : 1
Create time

#0 Foam::error::printStack
#1 Foam::sigSegv::sigSegvHandler
#2 Uninterpreted: [0xb7fa1420]
#3 main
#4 __libc_start_main
#5 __gxx_personality_v0 at /usr/src/packages/BUILD/glibc-2.3/csu/../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:122
Segmentation fault

Someone can help me?
thanks in advantage

7islands April 25, 2007 07:05

Hi again, This time I'm not s
Hi again,
This time I'm not so sure but if you are running gmshToFoam from FoamX the safest way to specify the .msh file is to use the full path, for example
(or something like that).

If you're running from the command line check if the modello.msh file is surely in the current directory.


billy April 25, 2007 15:51

Hi, Maybe you should post t

Maybe you should post the msh file.

ms411 May 2, 2016 08:37


I had the same problem, you have to copy and save all relevant folders of the constant folder. After it you have to remove the constant folder. The *.msh file should be in the same folder like 0 and system folder. Then you can execute gmshToFoam command. Then a new constant folder blows up and you have to paste all relevant files into the new constant folder.




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