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pbo February 10, 2007 16:43

Hi there, was looking at th
Hi there,

was looking at the autoRefineMeshDict example located in ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.2/applications/utilities/mesh/advanced/autoRefineMesh.
As far as I understood, one could generate a body-fitted, Cartesian mesh by using this utility.
It seems that the surface to be embedded in the mesh is declared in the dictionary file as a file with a .ftr extension. Is that format compulsory to work with autoRefineMesh? if yes, how are the surface grid data organised in such a file?


mattijs February 12, 2007 04:10

You can use any triSurface for
You can use any triSurface format. Use 'surfaceConvert' to convert formats.

pbo February 13, 2007 12:58

thanks for the hint Mattijs,
thanks for the hint Mattijs,

could you enlighten me about the outsidePoints entry?
It's not clear to me what should be in that list, should it be all the points of the orignal mesh that lie outside the surface to be embedded?

Also, can autoRefineMesh remove the inside cells automatically (i tried to play with nCutLayers but was not successful) or is it better to use insideCells and cellSet for that purpose?

Last question: Is there any utility around to project the cut cells on the triSurface?

thanks again,


mattijs February 14, 2007 03:20

outsidepoints: one or more poi
outsidepoints: one or more points that determine the part of the mesh that will be kept. Any part of the mesh not connected to outsidepoints will be deleted (if nCutLayers>0)

You still want to specify the final set using selectCut/Inside/Outside.

pbo February 19, 2007 08:23

Mattijs, In another thread,

In another thread, you were mentioning a utility called snapMesh:


We haven't generated many meshes in house. Lots of blockMesh, some AC3D in combination with extrudeMesh (not trivial). There is some experimental undocumented hex-refinement stuff in meshing/advanced: autoRefineMesh, selectCells, snapMesh.
Cannot find it in meshing/advanced or anywhere else! Has it been removed from the OpenFOAM package?


mattijs February 20, 2007 17:08

snapMesh was never in a state
snapMesh was never in a state to be released. You could try doing something yourself e.g. with triSurfaceSearch.nearest and mesh.movePoints.

msrinath80 March 8, 2007 15:10

Hi Mattijs, A quick questio
Hi Mattijs,

A quick question. Will refineMesh refine 3D non-conformal meshes created using blockMesh?


mattijs March 8, 2007 15:18

As long as they're all hex. Yo
As long as they're all hex. You might have a problem doing directed refinement though. Experiment is the advice.

msrinath80 March 18, 2007 02:08

Update: Doesn't work with non-
Update: Doesn't work with non-conformal meshes even if they are generated through blockMesh. I'm doubling the interval count manually for now.

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