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vantage1 June 28, 2006 08:20

Hi, I'm a new OF user and I h
I'm a new OF user and I have some troubles with merge applications of this CFDtool.

I would like to simulate a case with the SimpleFoam solver. My domain has two parts, the first one is a domain with a crude mesh and the second part is a domain with a higher quality of mesh. The purpose of my simulation is to laungh a kind of multi-block simulation that is to say to transfert fields results from the crude to the fine mesh. In addition to that these domains are create by CFX4. Here are steps what I did:
1. With CFX4, I create two meshes with a geo. extension.
2. With OpenFoam, I create a case in SimpleFoam for each domain, named "part1" and "part2", for instance.
3. In one of these case, I use the "mergemeshes" applications.
4.OpenFoam create a dorectory with new boundary conditions.
5. I copy the content of this directory in constant/PolyMesh (replacing old conditions).
6. I define type of patchs and corresponding fields. Given the transfert is operate between a patch 1 and a patch 2, their type are not very important, so I chose a wall patch type.
7. I use the stitchMerge application to operate the transfert with patch 1 for the slave patch and patch 2 for the master patch.
8. OpenFoam create an other one directory, named "1" in which there are new boundary conditions, particularly with a "meshmodifier" file.
Afterwards, I attempt two options:
9.1.I copy the content of "1" directory in constant/polymesh, but afterwrad all patch become empty type!!!!
9.2. I laungh the simulation specifying with a start time equal to the number "1".

In any cases, the simulation is done without merging domains!!!

Could anybody can help me for these issues???


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