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kati March 17, 2006 13:04

There was a discussion about t
There was a discussion about this earlier, but there didn't seem to be a final conclusion (at least I didn't find one).

I'm trying to model a mixer in a pipe and to reduce the cell count I thought I could use "nonconformal boundaries" (okay that's Fluent-language), one before and one after the mixer. So there is two pairs of patches that I should stitch together.

I can do the stitching for one pair at time, without getting major error messages, but if I try to do it to a mesh with one couple already stitched, it complains about mixed unused nodes and exits.

Does someone know should it work for two pairs, and if yes, give some hints how to do that? For example I don't know what to do with all the zone files it creates, I just renamed them so stitchMesh wouldn't find them. When trying it I moved polyMesh from 1 back to constant, don't know if it should work that way. The version I'm using is 1.2.

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