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prapanj July 15, 2009 08:11

SnappyHexMesh large number of patches written
Hi I was trying to mesh some domain that had different regions in it. some separated by walls, some by symmetry planes etc. So I created a few stl planes to separate the actual domain. In fact all the stl files I used in this sim were of 0 thickness. So there was supposed to be mesh on both sides of the planes. When I tried to run snappyHexMesh and when snappy was first determining patches, it was writing out an enormous number of patches. For example, for a wall patch, it was writing out wall_patch001 wall_patch002 etc upto a few thousands. When I checked the boundary file, I found that all these patches had 0 faces except the last copy. Now I could delete all these void patches. But it would be a tedious job each time. Can someone suggest on what I could do?

I tried changing the resolution of the blockmesh, but no change in the situation.

Please help

Thank you

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