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romant August 11, 2009 03:42

internal mesh with snappyHexMesh

I was wondering if it is possible to mesh the inside of a body with snappyHexMesh. The problem is fairly simple. I have a cup of a complex shape (meshing the surface with snappyHex is no problem) and a body of water inside (also of this complex shape). I try to mesh the body of water from the inside, it removes the bounding box around the body of water, which I think is a first success, but when I load the body of water into paraView with paraFoam I can't see that there are cells inside the body. snappyHexMesh seems to only model the wall of the body. How can I make it create a mesh not only on the wall, but also in the center.

Could it be that paraView just does not show the inside mesh of the body?

mattijs August 11, 2009 04:24

snappyHexMesh refines an existing mesh and uses a walk (cell to face to cell etc) from the locationInMesh to find out which cells are connected. Anything else gets removed. Sometimes if your surfaces are not closed the mesh will spill out.

romant August 11, 2009 05:12

Thank you...

The problem were not any open geometries. I already found now that paraView only shows the surface mesh and upon zooming still only shows the surface mesh. When creating a slice of the geometry, the internal cells show. So my mesh was right all along, but I could not see it.

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