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romant August 17, 2009 08:40

internal faces between patches created with snappyHexMesh
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I have a problem creating my overall mesh of a fairly complex shape, which is why I meshed the separate patches with snappyHexMesh. The layout is supposed to look like the picture below. Of course, the vessel that is there has a more complex shape. The idea is, that through the pipe some kind of liquid should be discharged into the vessel, which contains a different liquid. Surrounding the vessel, there is ambient air. I have most of the patches meshed, like the fluid inside the pipe, the vessel, the fluid inside the vessel and the air inside the vessel. The main problem is, that I cannot find a solution to connect the different patches. Within the simple blockMesh tool in the blockMeshDict, there is something to mergePatches, creating interfaces between the patches. If I understand correctly from the manual, this is what we need, but it is part of the blockMesh dictionary and the blockMesh tool. Is there another tool within the Openfoam toolbox that does exactly this?

Or maybe there is another approach to model this kind of geometry.

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