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Martin80 November 24, 2010 06:35

ccm26ToFoam interfaces

I have used ccm26ToFoam and got several cell zones written in polyMesh/sets and some interfaces between the cellzones. Is there an application which merges the cell zones, deletes the interfaces (lets call it interf1, interf2) and renumbers the lists in

Maybe someone has an hint,

Martin80 November 24, 2010 11:51

1.) I have found one possibility buy using mergeMeshes and stitchMesh. But I had to export the volume meshes (for example 2) separately and create 2 meshes in OpenFoam.

2.)If I am having more then 2 volumes this strategy seems to be elaborate, therefore I want to export the ccm+ volume meshes to one .ccm file and create one OpenFoam mesh with several cellZones.
Is there way to merge these cellZones to one cellZone without interfaces.


Martin80 December 1, 2010 08:47

Just in case someone else runs into same troubles by connecting more domains: mergeMeshes, stichMesh for connecting more than 2 volumes did only work with 1.7 (and did not with 1.6) on my computer.

I'm using ccm26ToFoam and now (the other way around) I'm searching for an openFoam tool to export the geometry into a ccm+ readable format.

Maybe someone has a hint,

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