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abu February 15, 2011 05:39

SnappHexMesh Mesh creating a Mesh inside a Cylinder?

i just started to work with Openfoam and SnappyHexMesh. I read some basic tutorials about OpenFoam and Shm.

So i started to do some meshing, but unfortunaly it didnt worked out that well :)

my Problem is, that i created a Mesh between a simple cylinder and the surrounding blockmesh, but i want to create a mesh of the inside.

The Cylinder is a simple stl export of Salome with jut one Face.

When i set the Value of locationInMesh into the stl geometrie i get an error: " Point is not loacetd in Mesh"

What am i doing wrong? Do i have to change the SHM.dict or the STL file?


manuelffonseca April 4, 2017 09:57

Hi abu, did you try with another point, maybe the point you had tried was located in the mesh surface..

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