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wavytracy August 6, 2011 11:52

cellSetDict shapeToCell

I need to block out a wedge shaped area from my mesh. I had been using the cellSet utility to block out boxes using the following code in cellSetDict

box (19.77 0 0.46) (19.82 0.01 0.5);

but now I wish to block out a wedge shaped area rather than a box.

How do I find out the usage of shapeToCell? I have looked at shapeToCell.C which gives me the impression it should go something like this...

wedge (19.00 0 -0.15) (19.18 0.01 0.5);

but I get the error message:

keyword type is undefined in dictionary "/home/tracy/OpenFOAM/tracy-1.5/run/interFoam/OWC/MorrisThomas/B/triL2A031/system/cellSetDict::topoSetSources"

file: /home/tracy/OpenFOAM/tracy-1.5/run/interFoam/OWC/MorrisThomas/B/triL2A031/system/cellSetDict::topoSetSources from line 51 to line 51.

From function dictionary::lookupEntry(const word& keyword) const
in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 213.

FOAM exiting

Help please?

Thank you.

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