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calim_cfd December 4, 2011 19:54

foamMeshToFluent not working with snappyhexmesh
Hello every1!

it's been a while now but it's beginning to bother me. The meshes built with snappyhexmesh. I wanna check the element in a 3d view but i cant. Paraview doent allow that since we get projections. Then i went for a different viewer which recognizes fluent, ansys, starcd formats. When i use the utilities, foamMeshToFluent or the other one to starCD, they finish w/o errors but my viewer keeps telling me the files are "corrupted" somehow.

then i ask:

can u recommend a different viewer? or could the utilities be somewhat broken?

i rly need to take a better look at my meshes build with snappy :rolleyes:

tyty :D

MadsR January 9, 2012 08:08


Any progress on this? I see the same problem at my end. A snappyHexMesh generated OpenFOAM mesh converted with foamMeshToFluent without issues does not read into either CFX-Pre or ICEM.


calim_cfd January 9, 2012 08:42


i havent worked on this issue since this post but i have given some thoughts into the not sure but this gotta be an element/numbering issue. i dont think tolerances should be the problem... as soon as i get back to my pc i should "debug" my viewer and the files..

-first i should try to convert a simple blockMesh into *.msh/*.cas
-then i should create a cube inside my bm domain and use snappy first w/o layers..
-then i convert another cube domain with snappy mesh but with layers

if i succeed then the conversion issue i have should be sth to do with numbering/ordering cuz u shouldnt go wrong with hexaedrons only...
else, if i dont, then it's a mesh type issue, the elements or some polyhedrons created by snappy are not recognizable by the current pre-post.. hence i wanted to see the mesh in 3d

again ill need some time to make those checks... i currently tried hm software to see the mesh and im getting those erros, but if ur using ansys' pre-post utilities and ur getting the same errors then the conversion from snappy really should the problem and therefore i'll exclude trying other pre-post to check the mesh atm

if u find anything, pls let me know...
thx :)

MadsR January 9, 2012 10:10

Okay I see :)

I tried the foamToStarMesh tool also but I can't read the output from that tool into ICEM currently I have no way of transferring FOAM data/meshes to CFX.


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