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Attesz April 25, 2012 04:59

AMI rotating domain meshing errors

I've generated my mesh of an axial fan in ICEM CFD. It has three domains, connected by interfaces. I've saved the them separately, then converted with fluent3DMeshToFoam. Then I've merged them with mergeMeshes. Then, after checkMesh, I'm getting the following errors. Could you please make it clearer what are the problems here?


Checking topology...
 ****Problem with boundary patch 0 named IN of type patch. The patch should start on face no 33701764 and the patch specifies 33871512.
Possibly consecutive patches have this same problem. Suppressing future warnings.
 ***Boundary definition is in error.
    Cell to face addressing OK.
 ***Unused points found in the mesh, number unused by faces: 54409 number unused by cells: 54409
  <<Writing 54409 unused points to set unusedPoints
    Upper triangular ordering OK.
    Face vertices OK.
  *Number of regions: 3
    The mesh has multiple regions which are not connected by any face.
  <<Writing region information to "0/cellToRegion"

Thank you in advance!

Attesz April 25, 2012 05:29

And also during the mesh conversion, I'm getting this error using fluentMeshToFoam:

Building patch-less mesh...--> FOAM Warning :
From function polyMesh::polyMesh(... construct from shapes...)
in file meshes/polyMesh/polyMeshFromShapeMesh.C at line 619
Found 266575 undefined faces in mesh; adding to default patch.

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